Stop the Madness!

Charlie_Brown_football1Please, stop the madness!

Yes, there are some people who would like stricter gun laws and gun control in this country. (By the way, I am NOT one of those people.)

Yes, there are a few extremists who want to ban all guns in our country. (By the way, Pres. Obama is NOT one of them.) As far as a know, there are no politicians asking for a ban on ALL guns.

So please, stop the madness and all the illogical arguments. Here is what I mean.

Every time the news reports someone being killed by someone with any type of weapon besides a gun, people start to sarcastically say  that weapon (whatever it may be) should be outlawed. I know it is meant to be fun, and the first few times it was funny. But not anymore. It has gotten both ridiculous and illogical.

Below are just a few examples of what I have read lately. Continue reading