Right vs. Relationship

man_question_markQuestion: Is it more important to be right or to have a relationship? Is it more important to win an argument or to win a friend?

Especially when it comes to politics; is it more important to be right politically or to be in a right relationship with one another?

This question, and post, comes out of a conversation I had with a black pastor friend. Theologically, my friend is as conservative as I am. He loves Jesus as much as I do, and he doesn’t like the direction our country is headed in any more than myself. However, my friend is fed up with the  constant barrage against Pres. Obama, and he is discouraged that much of the barrage is coming from white Christians and pastors. To be honest, I’m getting a little tired of if as well. Please understand, it’s not the criticism of the President’s politics, but of the man himself, that is grating. As a citizen of the United States you have every right to question and criticize the President’s policies. But as a disciple of Jesus you do not have the right to attack his person. Everyone, regardless of creed or politics, deserves respect. Continue reading


The Sky is Falling! (or at least the market is down)

I keep telling myself I am going to lay off the political posts for a little while, but I keep reading things that bother me. I consider myself a conservative, but often when I read newsreports, opinion, and facebook statuses from other conservatives, I scratch my head wondering, “When did being a conservative mean you quit using critical thinking skills?” I am sure many of my friends think the same thing about me, so please don’t take that last statement personal. Several years ago realized I don’t think like a lot of other conservatives, and that’s ok. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been interesting. I am very comfortable in my own skin. But I still scratch my head in amazement, saying to myself: Why can’t other people see what I see? Maybe I am the one that is naive.

What has caused me to scratch my head recently is what people are saying about how the market plumeted the day after the election. Did that really surprise anyone? Is it really Obama’s fault? Well…not entirely. Continue reading

I Have “Evolved”

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I Need Your Help

Ok everyone, I need you help.

Over the last couple of election cycles I have protested my disdain for both political parties by voting for third party candidates. I think both the republicans and democrats are corrupt, neither have the moral high ground, and both sides are only in it for themselves and for power. I don’t think we are a representative democracy anymore.

So far, nothing has happened to change my mind.

On the one hand we have Pres. Obama. Unlike many of my friends, I think Obama is good guy, and a great family man. I even take him at his word that he is a Christian and not a muslim. My problem with Pres. Obama has to do with his policies, especially his foreign policies. So, I can’t vote for him.

On the other hand we have Gov. Mitt Romney. I don’t think Gov. Romney has been honest with us about how he really feels about things. He seems to change his mind based on polls and doesn’t seem to have very many core convictions. Furthermore, I really don’t think there is a lot of difference between Romney and Obama. Plus, Romney is a practicing Mormon, while that may not be a deal breaker, it does give me pause. His faith doesn’t align with mine at all.

Added to the equation is my pessimism that it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House, nothing will get done because the “other party” will not let anything get done. I thought Pres. Bush was treated unfairly, but how he was treated pales in comparison to how Pres. Obama has been treated. On several occasions I have been ashamed of what I hear my fellow Christians say about Pres. Obama. Some of the caricatures and cartoons and sayings I have seen on facebook are nothing short of racist.

So, here is my problem, I would rather not cast a protest vote this year, but I really don’t see how I have much of a choice. I would like to vote for something instead of against something, but I just don’t see how I can.

Can you help me?

What do you think?

Convince me as to why I should vote for either Obama or Romney.

Or, should I stick to my convictions and cast another protest vote?

Can We Still Be Friends?

This blog comes with a warning: You may not like what I have to say. You may get angry with me. I hope we can still be friends.

This blog also comes with a disclaimer: I did not vote for Barack Obama in 2008, and I will not vote for him in 2012. But neither did I vote for McCain in 2008 and I will not for Romney or Gingrich in 2012. I did vote in 2008 and I will vote in 2012…it’s my civic duty. Continue reading

What do you see?

One year from now a new president will be innagurated. The way things stand today that person will be either:

President Barack Obama,

Mitt Romney, or

Newt Gingrich.

Do either of those names inspire hope and confidence? 

I don’t think so! What I see is 4 more years of the same old same old.

What do you see? What do you think?