Failing Like Jesus

By following the journey of Jesus, the ready will gain a fresh hope for God’s ultimate plan in his own life, even when circumstances are confusing or painful.

Failing like Jesus takes a closer look at the ministry of Jesus on earth where He faced many challenges, people who misunderstod Him, and the perception of a failed ministry. Jesus stood up to the challenges and understood His identity was wrapped up in His relationship with His Father. Such knowledge enabled Jesus to perform for an audience of One. Until you come to the place where you are at peace with performing for an audience of One, you will either focus on applause or failure.

In Failing Like Jesus, the author walks with the reader through situations in the life of Jesus that do not come across as success in ministry, but as the reader views the full picture a clear understanding of God’s power over circumstances appears. Each chapter examines a perceived failure in Christ’s ministry, allowing the reader to dig deeper to see God’s plan.

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Here is what others are saying:

“Kevin Riggs has funneled his biblical scholarship, pastoral experience, and acute love for Jesus into the pages of thsi book. He provides a fresh approach to the life of Jesus viewed thru a radically new value system. – Michael Card (singer, songwriter, author, Bible teacher, radio host)

“You’ll find a lot of sentences to underline in this book. Failing Like Jesus decodes the life of Christ for today’s followers. Taking unvarnished scenes from the Gospels, Kevin Rigs shows us the upside-down perspective of Jesus. Our Lord turned success and failure inside out. He redefined life on His own terms; and thank goodness for that! It makes life so much easier–and harder. It’s downright uplifting. May we all learn to fail like Jesus!” – Rob Morgan (pastor, and author of Then Sings My Soul)

“In a culture obsessed with winning we’re rarely reminded that objections, roadblocks, and even failure are stepping stones of growing in grace. Kevin encourages us to embrace the struggle because it’s in them that we often discover God’s greatest dreams.” – Donna VanLiere (NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of The Christmas Shoes and Finding Grace)

“Kevin Riggs is the real deal. Leaders who retain a gentle spirit and a sense of humor are rare, and yet this is what I have experienced in my interaction with Kevin. I recommend him to you!” – Rebecca St. James (author, recording artist, and actress)

Click here to order the book.

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