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New Blog Site

Hey Everyone,

I am grateful and humbled for how many people follow my blog and send me notes of encouragement. I am trying to take my social media skills to another level. Part of that is developing my own website, complete with my blog. So, I am in the process of closing down all my blogs and moving them all to one place. That place is www.profrevkev.com. Once at that site, you will see a heading titled “blog.” That is where my blog will be. When you get a chance, go there and sign up to receive notices from that blog. Here is a direct link to the blog site.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

What’s Up With Millennials?

millennialsThere has been a lot of talk in the church world lately about Millennials and why they are leaving the church. The Millennial Generation refers to those in the United States born between 1980 and 2000. They are the least religious generation in American history and they are leaving the church in droves. According to Barna Research, 43% of millennials drop out of church before age 30; 59% have dropped out temporarily; 50% report not being has committed to church at age 30 then they were at age 15. Some estimate that 6 in 10 millennials who grew up in church will abandon church by the age of  30.

Reasons given for their departure range from differing political ideologies, attitudes about sexual preferences, social justice concerns, intellectual integrity, and a simple lack of commitment.

I think the reason is simple: Millennials are dropping out of church because they never really went to church in the first place. Continue reading

A New King

EP-130729850.jpg&ExactW=218Have you heard the news?

Prince William and Dutchess Kate have had a son, an heir to the throne. A new king has been born. The announcement was officially made by the town crier, Tony Appleton (pictured right).

In the days of the New Testament, when an emperor had a son, a crier made the announcement and the announcement was followed by a celebration. Do you know what the word was that described the announcement of the birth of a new king? The Greek word was gospel and meant, good news!

All the hoopla and fan fare about the birth of a new British king, got me thinking about something I had written in an upcoming book on evangelism. The section of a chapter I want to share with you is a word study on the word gospel. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Signs and Wonders

Katherin & Little Girl (Honduras 2013)I returned from Tegucigalpa, Honduras late Saturday evening, June 23rd. It is now Wednesday, June 26th and I am still processing all that happened and getting caught up on sleep, exercise, school work, and church work. It was a fantastic week and I am already looking forward to next year’s trip and team.

This was my 10th trip to Honduras and it ranks up there as one of the best. God did some amazing things in my life, the life of my team, and the lives of the Honduran people. No words can adequately describe everything that happened, but the phrase that comes to mind is signs and wonders. That’s right, in many different ways the week was a supernatural week. Among other things we witnessed… Continue reading