I Just Have to Unload

I can’t stand it anymore. I have to get it off my chest. I have to unload.

I am amazed at how Republicans, who are usually in a hurry to bomb someone (or something) in the Middle East, are now placing hurdles and requirements on Pres. Obama that they would have (and they did) fussed and fumed about if the Democrats would have (and they did) required the same of Pres. Bush.

I am amazed at how Democrats, who are usually satisfied with doing nothing, have now all become war hawks and want to give Pres. Obama power and authority to freely do what they fussed and fumed about Pres. Bush doing.

I am amazed at the level of hypocrisy I see in our government.

It is obvious to me that the goal of politics is not doing what is best for the country but doing whatever it takes to destroy one party so your party can remain in power.

It is deplorable and reprehensible.

And just in case you are wondering, I do not think we need to attack Syria. It is a civil war and we should stay out.

I feel better now.

What do you think?

And in other news, I do not believe Ariel Castro committed suicide. Something tells me that jailhouse justice got its due.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


12 thoughts on “I Just Have to Unload

  1. So are you saying that America should wait until Asad use chemical weapons or other weapons on another country before they act? What about the possibility of chemical weapons getting into the hands of terrorists? Is that a real possibility? Just asking, I’m not an American

  2. There is not a lack of intelligence, nor lack of politicians, nor lack of cooperation, nor too many hawks or doves, nor too much hypocrisy. The US government and military has always had plenty of that. What we don’t have is LEADERSHIP. Why anyone thought we would have that went they went to the polls 5 years ago and then last year amazes me. What was the evidence and resume that indicated we would have it?

  3. There’s a simple explanation. Republicans don’t like to bomb people unless there’s a clear national interest at stake. In the recent past, it usually had something to do with defeating an aggressive Soviet Union or protecting our allies. On the other hand, Democrats, especially the present set in Washington, are more interested in fronting themselves in elections and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power.

  4. I think we should be as concerned about Syria as Russia and China. With that being said, a little revolution every now and then is a healthy thing.

  5. I have learned over the years that what you see and hear from our media and government is not always the truth. In my youth I believed in and would have never questioned the honesty of a report such as the report of chemical weapons being used in Syria.
    As an adult, I now question everything that is reported by both media and government.
    I, as many I’m sure, have been following this current event with much prayer for all involved.
    I was not surprised to see that a photo that was used by our administration as evidence of the chemical usage was reported to be a photo taken by a journalist in France back in early 2000. He reportedly has come forward and asked that it not be used anymore.
    Are these atrocities really happening?
    If so, are they being implemented by Assad?
    Or is there someone framing him in order to put our military/country in a very convenient and vulnerable position?
    I agree whole heartedly with you Kevin that the goal of both political parties is the pursuit of power, and they will use whatever means to attain it.
    It saddens me deeply how very few of our leaders there are that will carry out their job which is to stand and defend our constitution…not push for their (and their financial backers) current agenda.
    I pray everyday that our Father will remove the ungodly from positions of power/influence or transform them into His image.
    Lord, come quickly.

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