Bill Cosby Lied

WARNING: This is another sappy post about taking my son to college.


1146498_10201781786256280_1402100207_nThe same year I graduated from high school, The Cosby Show debuted (1984). Each week, Dr. Cliff Huxtable and his wife Clair, tackled some of the real life situations of a successful family in the Brooklyn Heights section of New York City. It was a breakthrough show that received both praise and criticism. My family loved the show.

Since I was a young adult at the time, transitioning from high school to college, I found Bill Cosby’s attitude about his kids growing up and moving out of the house entertaining. If you don’t remember, Cobsy, through humor, always made it clear that children were supposed to grow up and move out of the house. Through his character, Dr. Huxtable, Cosby regularly made comments about looking forward to everyone leaving the house and how happy he would be when everyone was gone. It was all in good fun. Somehow you knew Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable loved their kids. Still, he pictured the day his children left the nest as a happy day.

Bill Cosby lied!

My wife and I dropped my son off at college yesterday, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Plenty of tears were shed.

Actually, I don’t think Dr. Cosby lied. I think he was trying to convey that a parent’s job, from day one, was to raise responsible, healthy children who can leave the nest and make a positive contribution to society.  I think he knew how hard it would be and so he used humor to soften the blow.

In spite of the sadness and tears, yesterday was a happy day. As much as it hurts to see your kids go out on their own, it is also exciting to watch them go. Misty and I know that both our adult children are where God wants them to be, walking their unique paths, following their distinct dreams, trying to figure out their place in this world. It is exciting, scary, sad, and happy; all at the same time.

Zach texted his mom this morning. He didn’t have to. We didn’t ask him do. He did it voluntarily. The word he used to describe his first night was “awesome.”

That helps the pain a little.

KatherineKatherine is going out of town today. She sent mom a text last night asking Misty to please tell her bye before mom leaves for work this morning.

That helps the pain a little.

I have a home office. I will get to hug my daughter before she leaves.

That helps the pain a lot.

Last night Misty and I spent a couple of hours together on our deck, talking, reflecting, laughing, and crying. We are blessed people and we thank God every day for those blessings. Especially the blessing of being parents to Katherine and Zachary.


I promise this is my last sappy post about my kids.

But I could be lying.


One thought on “Bill Cosby Lied

  1. That was a wonderful show, wasn’t it. But I remember thinking, even though I was watching it in the years before we had kids, that I didn’t think I would ever be as excited as Cliff was to get the kids out of the house. And boy, was I right…this empty nest thing is the pits. -Amy at

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