An Update

Kat 1WARNING: If you do not like those Christmas letters you get from family where they talk (and brag) about their kids, then DO NOT READ THIS POST.

You have been duly warned.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Misty and I are moving into a new stage of our lives. In just a few hours we will be traveling with our son to East Tennessee for Zach to begin college. That’s right, our son, who almost died at birth is now a college student.

But I don’t want to just talk about my son. Misty and I are equally proud of our daughter Katherine. Since she is the oldest, I will begin with her.

Kat 2Katherine is a beautiful young lady. She is now 22. She attends Columbia State University and holds down 2 jobs. She is studying to be a dental hygienist and part-time model. Once she is finished at Columbia State University she plans on enrolling at Tennessee State University. She works a lot of hours at Brewhouse South and has a regular modeling gig with Apricot Lane Nashville (click on their name and like their facebook page). For her modeling career, Katherine signed with 180 Talent. (They also have a facebook page, click here to like it.) Katherine took a year off from school to travel and model. Next May, she begins a short internship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with World Gospel Outreach. If you would like to support her in that internship, please let me know.

Zach (1)Zach is now 18 years old. His plans are to attend East Tennessee State University to become a physical therapist. Zach has a servants heart and a great personality. He is focused, goal oriented, and has an incredible sense of humor. His mom and I are confident he will succeed and accomplish great things. Both he and his sister have been to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on numerous mission trips. Zach and I recently returned from a diving trip through the Bahamas (mainly Bimini) on Blackbeards. It was an awesome time!

Zach 2Both Kat and Zach have a strong faith in Jesus. They have been, and are, involved in our church and have been active in serving in our church. I know I am biased, but spiritually, both Kat and Zach “get it.”

Misty and I are extremely blessed and we are proud, proud parents.

Kat 3

Zach 4

Kat 4

Zach 3


2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Preacher, you think missing them hurts, when you drop them off at college. Just wait until you put one of them in the ground. That’s
    when the tears and heart ache never stops. Love them while you
    can, they are just on loan to us, from our true father. My wife and I
    have a hole in our hearts that will never heal.

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