Two Short Stories

Franklin Community Church is by no means the biggest church around. In fact, we are quite small. But we do, I think, have the most unique church with the most unique calling to reach a particular community. I have been pastoring for over 20 years and I can say that the last 6 years at FCC have been the most excited and effective years of my ministry. To God be the glory. I believe our church has found our niche in the larger body of Christ.

Here are two stories from today’s worship celebration.

Before church, a lady who is in her 80s and who has been a part of my church for 20 years, told me how much she loved our church and our people and our music. In fact, she even commented about our music, “The louder the better.” This is a dear saint and she loves the mixture of people we have – young and old, black and white, rich and poor.

Today I preached the second part of a series of messages on the Holy Spirit.

After church, one of my elders texted me the following. I am posting it with his permission:

“Meant to tell you after church today I heard something I never would have imagined…three black men in the bathroom talking about how the message was right on about the Holy Spirit and how great life can be if you obey and how bad life can be if you don’t obey. One man was a drug dealer, one attempted murder, and the other is along for the ride. What a blessing to not have to listen to the ‘pure’ complain after a service.”

I thought about edited the phrase “black men” out of his text, but decided against it, because that is our church. We are at least 50-50 black/white, though over the summer we have had more black then white. God is at work among us, teaching us about grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

It is exciting to know you are exactly where God wants you to be, doing exactly what God wants you to do.

Just thought I would share.


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