God Called America

I ran across this article after having a discussion with some friends. The article is by N.T. Wright:

“I want to say, Yes, God has called America to a special place in the world at this moment in history. In the Bible God calls many nations and peoples to particular roles and purposes…However, it is clear throughout scripture that God calls wicked and violent nations as well as righteous and peace-loving ones – and that, when the former have accomplished his purpose, God will judge them according to what they have done and the spirit (e.g. of arrogance, carelessness of life, etc) in which they have done it…So just as I believe God has granted America a special role in human history, I believe that God has granted e.g. Norway, Nigeria, New Zealand, Nicaragua, etc. a special role as well. And what God calls in one generation may move and shift over time; the great Old Testament prophets saw God’s hand in the rise of Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Syria, Egypt, and Rome – and also God’s judgment on all of them for the ways in which they carried out their commission inappropriately.”

(from the Washington Post, November 30, 2010. N.T. Wright, “God Calls Nations to Special Roles”)

What do you think? What role do you think God has called America to during this time in history?


One thought on “God Called America

  1. I believe America is being called to repentance. I’m not a student of history but the moral and ethical standards of America have dropped considerably since the 50s. Our God will not be mocked by any nation, including America.

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