Easter Blues

Now that Easter is over I have a confession to make: I didn’t particularly enjoy the Easter season this year. I mean, the most holy of seasons and I had the blues. What’s wrong with me?

It bothers me to make such a statement, but it is how I am feeling. I could not sleep Saturday evening, not out of anticipation for Resurrection Day, but because of an unsettling spirit in my soul about the condition of the church in the United States. I have struggled to evaulate why I believe I am feeling this way. I am sure I cannot adequately put my feelings into words.

In my self-reflection I have tried to make sure my feelings are not coming out of envy, competition, or comparisons. I have asked myself if there is some type of selfish or self-aggradizement reason for my blues. I have prayed and searched my heart and I don’t think there is. There is a haunting in my soul that I believe is from the Holy Spirit. I think the heart of my blues goes beyond Easter to the complete commercialization of Christianity that has created a sub-culture that, to be quite honest, is sickening.

I have tried to write out specific examples of what I am talking about, but I keep deleting them, knowing they will only cause division and misunderstandings, and so I leave you with a simple question to ponder: Have we, the church in the United States, become event driven instead of relationship driven? And if we have, where has it gotten us and has it been worth it?

Is there anyone else having these same types of feelings, or is it just me?


7 thoughts on “Easter Blues

  1. My confession is similar to yours except I deliberately didn’t attend services yesterday. I wanted something deeper, more intimate than I have traditionally experienced. I know I’m in a spiritual growth season and believe my “problem/issue/unknown/unsettling” situation is the beginning of my personal revival. I want Jesus, not tradition. I don’t begrudge those that receive what they’re looking for during the celebratory fellowship but sometimes I find it distracting. I don’t know how to explain the utter joy of the Resurrection is also very serious and deeply personal. I want to look into Jesus’ eyes with the same love I see eminating from him, purposefully, without the distration, on the road, before everyone else swarms around him. I guess I’m selfish that way and I know I’m immature but everyone started in the same place so I don’t feel compelled to apologize for my inadequacies. I am sorry if my wandering emotions may have added to your concerns but you’re definitely not alone even if we don’t know how to explain it. Blessings, FranceG

  2. Christians in their churches have not sought ot bring the poor into their congregations and thus avoid learning of the needs of the poor first hand and their biblical resposibillty to meet those needs by active sharing. The church has left biblical sharing to the govenment as a result.

  3. This is a condition common to this generation, the need to be always entertained. But, not all churches can be lumped together, so their is always hope that people will seek out a true relationship with the one true God.

  4. I hear ya Kevin. I’ve lived in those seasons. As you know, my roots aren’t high church, but during one Lenten season I decided to give up going to church for Lent. Then I figure out I couldn’t do that. I was supposed to give up something I liked. It’s a real challenge to place hope in Christ in the middle of the self-oriented messes I create. Seems like too many lead us toward a church-centered life rather than a Christ-centered life. Yancey’s book Soul Survivor, How My Faith Survived the Church is a great read. So is Psalm 42:5, 11. Keep working through it.

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