Tuesdays w/ Clergy

Tuesdays are quickly becoming my favorite work day of the week. Every Tuesday a group of 7 local pastors meet for lunch. All 7 come from different traditions, different size churches, and different races. Some are full-time, others are part-time and others are bi-vocational. I am not the oldest in the group but have probably pastored longer than all but 1.

We get together to talk and share life. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes we talk about ministry issues. Sometimes we discuss family and personal issues. Sometimes we talk about sports, or the weather, or nothing at all. The only agenda is friendship. We laugh a lot and none of us are above good-natured ridicule from the rest of us.

These lunches are a top priority on my week. I hate missing them and I miss very few of them.

Everyone else feels the same.

I don’t know what I would do without Tuesdays w/ Clergy. No one understand the life of a pastor more than other pastors.

If you are in ministry I pray you have a group of fellow-ministers you can talk to and joke with and let down your guard and be yourself.

It’s a life saver…and a ministry saver.

I’m glad God never intended us to live life and do ministry alone.

Thanks Jon and David and Chris and Anthony and Jay and Hewitt.

I love you guys.


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