It’s Friday!

Today is Friday, and it is cold in TN. More than likely it will not get about freezing today. My wife and son are out of school today because of a little snow and a lot of cold. My daughter doesn’t have classes on Friday and so she is home as well. It is difficult to get up and get going on a frigid morning when the rest of your family is still in bed.

Here are some things running through my mind today:

  • Still pondering my conversation yesterday with a friend about abortions and the affect it has on men.
  • I guess I will pull for the 49ers in the Super Bowl.
  • I am ready for summer. The older I get the more I dislike cold weather.
  • My son and I are going diving on Blackbeards this summer. Can’t wait. Check out their website. It will be my 3rd time on the boat, Zach’s first.
  • Tomorrow is Groundhogs Day.
  • I shared my understanding of the difficulty many African-American males experience in our society with an African-American woman the other day. By the time I was finished, she was in tears and said, “Kevin, I have waited and prayed my entire life to hear a caucasion man explain what you just explain. You understand the plight of our community better than anyone I have ever heard.” I was humbled…and cried a little.
  • I have had some incredible conversations this week. Thank you God.
  • Looking back over my life, I clearly see God’s hand working and moving me to where and who I am today. For a long time I didn’t see it, but now I do and I am grateful.
  • Sometime in the spring my second book is coming out, Evangelism in the 21st Century. Getting a little anxious.
  • Looking forward to a good weekend; baptizing 4 individuals Sunday.

Have a great weekend.


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