Stop the Madness!

Charlie_Brown_football1Please, stop the madness!

Yes, there are some people who would like stricter gun laws and gun control in this country. (By the way, I am NOT one of those people.)

Yes, there are a few extremists who want to ban all guns in our country. (By the way, Pres. Obama is NOT one of them.) As far as a know, there are no politicians asking for a ban on ALL guns.

So please, stop the madness and all the illogical arguments. Here is what I mean.

Every time the news reports someone being killed by someone with any type of weapon besides a gun, people start to sarcastically say  that weapon (whatever it may be) should be outlawed. I know it is meant to be fun, and the first few times it was funny. But not anymore. It has gotten both ridiculous and illogical.

Below are just a few examples of what I have read lately.

  • The FBI reports that more people are killed each year with hammers than guns – “Ban all hammers!”
  • More people are killed by cars and motorcycles than guns – “Ban all cars and motorcycles!”
  • Someone is murdered with a knife – “Ban all knives!”
  • Someone falls down some steps and dies – “Ban all steps!”
  • One person pushes another person in front of a subway and kills them – “Ban all subways!”
  • Some lunatic somewhere smothers a person to death with a pillow – “Ban all pillows!”

I am not against guns and I am all in favor of the 2nd amendment. I support your right to own as many guns as you would like to own.

What I am against  is idiocy that borders on insanity.

It’s killing me.

“Ban all stupidity!”

Here is the flaw in all the above statements:

  • The primary purpose of a hammer is to build things.
  • The primary purpose of cars and motorcycles is transportation.
  • The primary purpose of knives is to cut things or to carve things.
  • The primary purpose of steps is to climb.
  • The primary purpose of subways is mass transportation.
  • The primary purpose of pillows is comfort.

AxisofIdiocy1Can you name any other purpose for guns than to kill? Kill for food, kill out of self-defense, or kill out of aggression. Guns have one purpose and one purpose only. If a person uses a gun to shoot and kill something that are using the gun for its intended purpose.

Yes, people intent on killing will find a weapon. Often (more than likely almost always) the tool used to kill another person is not the primary reason for that tool.

The reason guns are not used more as a murder weapon is because the vast majority of gun owners are responsible, law abiding people.

I enjoy a good debate. I love learning from people with which I disagree. I disagree with most gun control arguments. But to be honest, arguments for gun control are more logical than the emotional reactions I hear from people who are afraid someone wants to take away all their guns.

If you are against stricter gun control laws, please know that your illogical statements hurt your cause. You are better than that. You have the Constitution on your side. You don’t need to stoop to idiocy.

I feel better now.

Please do not use this post to kill me.

I don’t want blogs banned.

That would violate my first amendment rights and I am rather fond of that one.


7 thoughts on “Stop the Madness!

  1. I agree. There should be a discussion that leads to action on this front. I sparked some controversy when I said in my sermon last week while making a point about how the world was full of violence in the days of Noah: “It’s ironic to me that conservatives tend to fight against innocent bloodshed caused by abortion, but do very little to fight against innocent bloodshed caused by assault rifles and handguns being used in the marketplace. It’s also ironic to me that liberals tend to do very little to fight against innocent bloodshed caused by abortion, but are usually the first to cry out for stiffer gun control laws. Both the conservative and the liberal stand behind their interpreted constitutional rights and political persuasions as justifications for the shedding of innocent blood. But at the end of the day, that innocent blood, whether in the womb or in the marketplace, is crying out to God for vengeance.”

  2. Kevin, I want to apply your argument to the people who have banned 32 oz cokes. “Sugar is killing people. BAN ALL SUGAR!” It really shows how absurd that is.

    I understand what you’re saying, and guns are great for killing and killing might even be their primary purpose, but I would venture to say that most gun owners have never killed anything with their gun. Sure, people that have them for protection are ready to kill but I’d say that many people target practice the same way some people might bowl. Actually many people shoot bowling pins. That’s my humble answer for your question of “can you think of any other reasons for guns but to kill?” Drive by the clay pigeon club on Briley pkwy on any Saturday and you’ll see 100s of people who never kill a thing. The loads they shoot would be hard pressed to mortally injure a man.

    But point taken on “ban steps”.

  3. Dianne Feinstein: “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up [every gun]… Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.”
    60 Minutes quote from 1995

    • Timothy, I watched the video from 1995 and it seems to me that in context she was talking about an all out ban of assault rifles and making everyone turn their assault rifles in. She said nothing about hunting rifles and hand-guns. Again, I don’t agree with her. I think the very reason for the 2nd amendment is to protect yourself from tyranny, which would include assault rifles. But in fairness, I don’t think Mrs. Feinstein was calling for an all out ban on all guns.

  4. I was going to let this one go, but changed my mind. If you are going to speak of logical arguments, then it is best not to use derogatory terms. That is a pattern typical of leftists whose arguments are weak, and thus they begin to use terms like “idiocy”, when they are losing the argument, and have no logic to apply. There is not data to prove only idiots make the statements you attribute to them. You say gun control advocates arguments are more logical. But I heard Bob Costas say something in response to the Belcher murder/suicide which was completely illogical. He said that if Belcher didn’t have a gun, both would still be alive. That is both illogical and unprovable. If he wanted to kill and commit suicide, he would do it. Then, the following week, when he could have mentioned the Dallas cowboy tragedy, he did NOT say, if intoxicants were not available, they’d both be alive, which IS true. But he had an agenda that has nothing to do with logic. You say the left does not want to take away all guns. The arguments for confiscation of certain weapons to stop shootings like Sandy Hook, is illogical and unprovable. What IS provable is that shootings HAVE BEEN stopped by armed citizens. But the illogical left is deathly silent on these issues. They have an agenda that has nothing to do with all the truth. You say you don’t know any politicians who want all our guns. That may or may not be true. But the 2nd amendment says this right shall not be infringed. Look at the definition of “infringe”. To take away firearms from people who own them is an infringement, logically, of the 2nd amendment. Finally, it would be completely illogical to ignore history on this issue. What may or may not happen in the future is unprovable, so to say they don’t want all our guns is to give politicians a veracity that their track record does not support. But we can look at the paths of countries from the past to see what happened, long term, in countries where arms were confiscated. I am pretty sure that even a cursory glance at the past can predict a little of what the future may look like. And we would only be fooling ourselves if we think that power out of the hands of the people, and into the hands of controllers, would be a good thing. And by the way, if I lived in some of the countries where this has happened in the past, I would want more than a double barreled .410 in my hand. It hasn’t happened in our country yet, so I can’t logically say it would (OR WOULD”NT) happened. I can only predict from what i know of human nature apart from God, and from what has happened in the past.

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