The United Nations & Palestine.

gaza-west-bank_mapI am trying to educate myself a little bit more on the political nature of the Palestinian / Israeli conflict and the path to peace and the two-state solution, etc…I know the conservative, evangelical, theological point of view, but I am interested in learning more about the practical, day-to-day impact on the people living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, especially the Palestinian Christians who, I believe, have been overlooked and forgotten by most believers in the States.

I have a long way to go and a steep learning curve to navigate. But I am trying.

I have several Arab Christian friends. I have asked some of them their thoughts on the present situation, mainly the UN’s recent decision to recognize Palestine as a state. Below is the response I received from one of them.


“Last weeks decision by the United Nations is more symbolism than substance. I think that as a result of the decisions most Arabs in general, and most Palestinians in particular, will feel like they are being treated fair and that the world’s perception of them is changing for the better. We must, however, remember that about 65 years ago the Arabs were given a chance to accept a two-state recognition but they refused. As a result, Arabs were forced to accept the presence of an Israeli state by default.

 I’m not sure how this recent decision made by the UN-General Assembly will affect Israel or compromise Israel’s security. I’m trying to skim through the news but I can’t see this decision being a legitimate threat for Israel; and I don’t understand why the U.S. so strongly opposed the decision.

man-waving-Palestinian-flagI’m happy for the Palestinians as fellow human beings practicing their rights of living in a free and recognized nation, rather than being seen as terrorists and anti-Semitic. On the other hand, the Arabic non-democratic, double standard nature, and the religiously driven anti-Semitic attitudes complicates the issue in general. 
This is why you see people from all denominations and backgrounds thrive in Israel including, Muslim and Christian citizens, while there is no such thriving in Palestine especially, for the Jews. The road to peace in the Promised Land would be much easier if it were only a dispute over land. If that were the case, I would back the Palestinian right for statehood without feeling guilty about it. The problem is complicated by the fact that in their pride, religious zeal, and ethnocentrism, Arabs see the Jews as the ones who are conquering their land, and in the Quran, the Jews have been called grandsons of pigs and monkeys, traitors, and many other infamous names. This is why Palestinian Militias such as Hamas are considered a constant threat to Israel. For the extremists, like Hamas, there is no recognition of Israel and to the extremists it’s a matter of faith to continue the fight until the end of days when the final fight will take place between the Jews and the Muslims.”


I am interested in your thoughts as well.


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