In a few days I will begin posting a series of three articles entitled, Faith, Politics, and the 2012 Presidential Elections. I do so with some trepidation. Our country is more divided then I can ever recall. Unfortunately this division has infilterated the church. The enemy has used politics to divide and make us extremely judgmental of one another. At times this judgmental attitude seems to be more directed towards Christians who vote democrat than towards Christians who vote republican. I know the judgmental attitudes go both ways, but it seems more severe towards those who do not vote republican or choose not to vote at all. As for me, I started voting 3rd party several years ago because I believe our 2 party system is in serious need of change. I have half-jokingly told people, “I am a one-issue voter. If you are part of either party I will not vote for you.” An unintended consequence of my voting 3rd party is I have been able to disassociate myself from all the rhetoric and maintain a balance between the extremes. (Here is a blog I posted explaining why I am voting 3rd party.)

My series of posts have more to do with Mitt Romney than Barak Obama. The reason for this is because I feel many sincere Christians have embraced Romney as the “lesser of two evils” without really evaluating him. For whatever reason, many God-fearing believers have not been able to reasonably evaluate and discuss the faith of Mitt Romney and the impact it could have on his presidency.

My purpose in these posts is not to change anyone’s mind or to personally attack Gov. Romney. My purpose is to simply get another opinion out there and hopefully challenge people to stop and think before they vote for Romney or Obama or a 3rd party or choose not to vote at all. All choices are legitimate choices for Christians to make and each person is required to vote his or her conscience.

With that said, here are a few things to keep in mind as we move forward:

  1. You cannot evaluate the level of a person’s spiritual maturity based on who they vote for or if they vote at all.
  2. As followers of Jesus Christ, our citizenship is in heaven, not here on earth, and so there is nothing for us to fear.
  3. God is sovereign in all things.
  4. While a person’s faith and belief does not disqualify them to run for public office, their faith is something that needs to be evaluated in understanding the character and worldview of that candidate.
  5. I am simply 1 person, expressing his opinion, striving to live out what it means to proclaim that in Christ, God’s kingdom has broken into our present reality. I will neither condemn or judge you for the choices you make; please extend to me the same courtesy.
  6. It is important that we continue to pray for our country, for each other, and for our world.

I hope you read all three posts. I also hope you share them with as many people as possible and that you interact with me, regardless if you agree or disagree. I think if we communicate with each other instead of argue, we will learn a lot.


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