Why I’m Voting Third Party

A lot has already happened and a lot more can happen between now and the 2012 presidential election in November. Momentum has swung back and forth between Obama and Romney. I thought Romney had a chance to capture the momentum and turn the election his way after the Chick-fil-a event, but he failed to catch that wave. Now, after some incredibly negative PAC ads, Obama has the momentum. More recently, Romney picked Paul Ryan for his running mate. No doubt, this will give the campaign some momentum, even though I don’t know why he announced his VP decision early on a Saturday morning. Soon the conventions will take place…and back and forth the momentum goes. I have thought all along that Obama would win re-election. Barring some unforeseen event, I have not changed my mind. Unfortunately, negative campaigning works. Unfortunately, the Romney camp doesn’t seem to have its act together.

As for me, conscience will not allow me to vote for Obama or Romney. I have no other option than to vote for a third party candidate. Below are some of my reasonings:

  1. Voting for the lesser of two-evils is still voting for evil. Please understand, I don’t believe either Obama or Romney are evil. They are nothing more than politicians. The sentiment behind this is that since you are never going to agree with anyone on everything, then you have to choose the candidate who most lines up with your values and beliefs. But as a voter I am tired of settling. I am tired of voting for one person simply because I don’t want the other person to win. I am tired of the “establishment” only giving me two options. By voting for the lesser of two evils my voice is not being heard. And so, I will vote for a third party. Maybe they will listen. Besides, after taking one of the tests online about who I should vote for, the candidate I had the most in common with was a third party candidate.
  2. I have lost all confidence in the two-party system. This loss of confidence is mainly at the federal and state level. At the local level, I still think there is hope. But at the national level, I don’t really see any major difference in the two-parties. Both simply want to be in power and will do all they can to keep themselves in power and the other party out of power and if the other party is in power, the party not in power will do all they can do to keep the ruling party’s agenda from happening. It is no longer about what is best for the country but what is best to gain and keep power. Both parties are guilty of this. We need a legitimate third party, and so I will vote third party.
  3. Pres. Obama has not delivered on his promises. I did not vote for Obama in 2008, but I had hope that he would unite the country and change the tone in Washington and get things done. But in almost 4 years he has never had a budget approved, unemployment is still over 8%, and spending is completely out of control. Pres. Obama has not led. He does not deserve another 4 years.
  4. Gov. Romney is a weak candidate. He believes in big government, and his health plan in Mass. is the basis for Obamacare. I also think he is an out-of touch, wealthy guy who has contributed to the crony capitalism I see all around us. Also, I know I should not feel this way, but I cannot get past the fact that he is a practicing Mormon. I think one of the main problems I have with his Mormonism is that he has not been completely honest about what he really believes. Right or wrong, I just can’t bring myself to vote for him. (It should be noted that I do not believe Obama is a Muslim. I believe Obama is a secular humanist who claims to be a Christian. Also, the third party candidate I am leaning toward is a Jewish woman.)
  5. I don’t live in a swing state. I don’t really know if it would make a difference if I did, but I don’t. My state will go to Romney. He will get all the electoral college votes from Tennessee. My voting for a third party candidate will neither help nor hurt either candidate. My voting for a third party candidate is my way of protesting our entire system.

There you have it. At least five reasons why I will vote for a third-party candidate. I wish I didn’t have to. I wish there was a legitimate candidate who could receive my vote. But there is not, and I will not vote for either Obama or Romney.

What else am I supposed to do?


9 thoughts on “Why I’m Voting Third Party

  1. I am convinced that part of the solution is for the two major parties to go to instant runoff preferential election in the primaries. Romney would not have been the Republican nominee in such a system. It would have been one of the conservative candidates.

    Imagine if Romney wins, we will have a president nominated by without a majority of his party, elected without a majority of the popular vote by between 20-30% of the registered electorate which is no where close to the all of those eligible to vote. There’s one word for all of this…. MEDIOCRITY!

  2. Kevin, I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I am not sure I have quite reached the point you have. I am pretty close, though! I would be interested in the particular online test you took. Thanks for your perspective on this.

  3. I agree with you, and I to do not want to vote for either candidate, but feel like a vote for the 3rd party is a vote for Obama. I considered not voting at all, but that is not the answer either. Maybe the Lord will come back before the election and we won’t haave to worry about it.

  4. I’m with you, Kevin. I voted third party in the last election and will do so during this one. I hate the arguement that I’m “throwing my vote away.” That mentality to me is “playing politics.” I don’t know history or political science as well as others but there were once Federalists, Whigs, etc as parties. They aren’t here anymore because someone “threw their vote away!”

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