Why I’m Voting Third Party

A lot has already happened and a lot more can happen between now and the 2012 presidential election in November. Momentum has swung back and forth between Obama and Romney. I thought Romney had a chance to capture the momentum and turn the election his way after the Chick-fil-a event, but he failed to catch that wave. Now, after some incredibly negative PAC ads, Obama has the momentum. More recently, Romney picked Paul Ryan for his running mate. No doubt, this will give the campaign some momentum, even though I don’t know why he announced his VP decision early on a Saturday morning. Soon the conventions will take place…and back and forth the momentum goes. I have thought all along that Obama would win re-election. Barring some unforeseen event, I have not changed my mind. Unfortunately, negative campaigning works. Unfortunately, the Romney camp doesn’t seem to have its act together.

As for me, conscience will not allow me to vote for Obama or Romney. I have no other option than to vote for a third party candidate. Below are some of my reasonings: Continue reading