Chick-Fil-A & the Presidential Elections

I don’t consider myself a political expert but I do think I am a pretty good judge of people and social fads and trends. However, I do admit my understanding is clouded by my worldview and my limited surroundings based on living in the south.

My limited observations have caused me to conclude that Pres. Obama will win re-election in November. Mainly because the Republicans could not have chosen a weaker candidate than Mitt Romney. For the first time this election season, however, I am starting to think I could be wrong. Pres. Obama could very well lose. It has nothing to do with Mitt Romney and everything to do with Chick-Fil-A. Pres. Obama may be brought down, not by an elephant, but by a bunch of cows who can’t spell.

Wednesday, August 1st was declared Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day by Gov. Mike Huckabee. The idea came about out of response to the over the top criticism Dan Cathy received from the LGBT community and a couple of liberal mayors because Mr. Cathy said he supports the biblical definition of marriage. Continue reading