Honduras Day Four

Day Four: Friday July 6, 2012

Today was the last day of the brigade. It has been a great week, although at times a rather long one. Each trip to Honduras is different and complete with new challenges and new inspirations.

Today Zach helped Dr. Scott in optometry. Kat shadowed nurse Kellie in medical and also assisted in children’s ministry. I spend the day in evangelism and had a great time. I prayed with 8 people to receive Christ and I prayed with 5 others to recommit their lives to Christ. All told, this week 135 people made first time decisions for Christ and another 65 recommitted their lives to Jesus.

Here is a final rundown on the stats for this week:

  • Our team consisted of 17 members plus translators and WGO staff
  • 340 individuals went through dental
  • 1003 individuals saw the doctor and/or nurse
  • 782 individuals saw the eye doctor
  • 276 children went through children’s ministry and heard the gospel explained through the “gospel bracelets”
  • 135 individuals made first time decisions for Christ
  • 65 individuals recommitted themselves to Christ

Pray for the two churches we ministered through this week. They have the awesome responsibility of following up all the people who made decisions for Christ.

Tomorrow we head home. Plans are already in the works for next summer’s trip. If you are interested in going, please let me know.


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