Honduras Day Three

Yesterday (Wednesday, July 4th) was a relaxing day at Picacho Park and shopping at Valley of the Angels. I did not shop. Bill and I sat and drank a cup of coffee and talked. I woke up with a tremendous head cold and so a slow, relaxing day was greatly appreciated.

Today (Thursday, July 5th), we were in the Colonia Venezuela sector B, ministering along side Pastor Venancio Villalogos and his church, Inglesia Communidad Cristiana Mission Shalom, ADD. This is the church we worshiped with on Sunday. The morning was slow, but it was greatly needed. Several members of our team were sick or not feeling well. This is my eighth year doing brigades and the most sickness of any other year. God took care of us by giving us a slow morning.

Collin and Zach did a concrete floor today. The house, more like a dilapidated  shack) was small and required a long walk across a river and up a steep hill. They worked extremely hard on the floor and finished it just a little after 12:00pm. Once they finished the floor they came back to the church and helped in evangelism and children’s ministry.

I was in pharmacy. After a slow morning the crowds came and kept coming. It was a busy afternoon.

Kat was in dental. She enjoyed it, worked hard, and had fun.

At least 30 people made commitments to Christ today.

Tomorrow is the last day of the brigade. We will be at the same church in the same neighborhood.


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