Honduras Day Two

Day Two: Tuesday July 3, 2012

Today we were back in the same church and neighborhood as yesterday. I served in evangelism. Zach worked in dental, and Kat was in evangelism with me. One of our team members woke up sick and stayed at the mission house. Everyone seemed tired today. I think part of the reason is the high altitude of this particular neighborhood. I prayed for strength and health for our team.

The day went pretty fast once it got started. All told, over a two day period, 72 people either received Christ for the first time or recommitted their lives to Christ. The church will follow up on each and everyone of them. Please pray for the church as they do this.

Tomorrow is a rest day. We will go to a local park for lunch and then to a village called Valley of the Angels to shop and drink coffee. It is always a fun and relaxing day.

Until then, enjoy the pictures.


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