Honduras Day One

Day One: Monday, July 2, 2012

Yesterday, Sunday July 1, I had the privilege of preaching at Inglesia Communidad Cristiana Misionera Shalon, ADD. It was my second time preaching there. Pastor Venancio Villalobos, his wife Magaly, and their eight children have become very dear to me. I thank God for the opportunity to share in their church.

Today our team ministered in the community of Colonia Nueva Capital sector 2. We are partnering with Inglesia Santidad Pentecostal Nueva Capital. The pastor’s name is Miguel Monina. His wife’s name is Maria Cruz. Pastor Maria was at the pastors’ conference I led in November. The bus ride up to the neighborhood was not for the faint of heart.

Today’s neighborhood was very poor and one of the more dangerous communities in Tegucigalpa. The people have no running water and no sewer system. The neighborhood also has a strong gang presence. There were policeman keeping an eye on us and so we were never in danger. A few of the policeman came into the brigade. Police corruption is a big problem here. Our prayer is that many officers will give their lives to Christ.

The needs are great here. We pray that the church would be a strong influence and testimony to God’s grace and mercy.

We will be back in the same church and neighborhood tomorrow.

Until then.


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