Swimming as Worship

Ok, here goes another swimming story.

I try to swim 4 days a week and each time I try to swim 60 laps (120 lengths). I don’t want to confuse anyone with my amazing math skills but 32 laps equals 1 mile; so each time I swim I swim a little over 1.5 miles. Over half of the laps I do flip turns. (I defer all math questions to my good friends Chris and David. They can be reached at…………..)

I have swam enough now to see a pattern develop. Usually the first 10 laps go quickly and easily. Then laps 11-30 are difficult. Around lap 20 I really start to get winded. Somewhere around laps 31 to 50 I hit a smooth stride and get my second wind. Then, the last several laps become difficult again.

Yesterday, during the first 20 laps I decided I was tired and was just going to do 40 laps, or maybe only 36. I am going to be in Honduras next week and unable to swim, and so somewhere around lap 32 I decided I needed to at least swim 50 laps. (Just in case you are wondering, I use a digital lap counter.) Around lap 36 (1 mile) I noticed I had hit a smooth stride. My mind started to drift away and something mystical happened. It was totally unplanned and unexpected. I knew I was swimming, but I didn’t feel anything. It wasn’t an out of body experience, but it was like I was not there. I started praying and starting thinking about how blessed I am and how thankful I am for where God has me and what He is doing in my life. I thought of Misty and Katherine and Zachary. I thought of my church and of my upcoming trip to Honduras. Above all, I felt a warm and comforting Spirit embrace me. It was as if something, or some One, was with me, pushing me through the water. I felt God’s real time presence like I have not felt in a very long time. It was beautiful. It was worshipful. I remember thinking to myself, “I could swim like this all day.” But then around lap 57 I swallowed some water and started coughing and it was all over. I thought I was going to drown before I could complete the final 3 laps.

I really don’t know how to describe my experience except to say it was incarnate, magical, and glorious.

Then again, it could have been nothing more than an endorphin high.

But I don’t think so.


2 thoughts on “Swimming as Worship

  1. I love it when the Holy Spirit envelopes us like this. I’ve experienced it as well and it is an incredible presence of the Lord. I think it must be simillar to what they felt in the past when they went into the Holy of Holies. I’m so happy for you and praying daily for Him to be glorified in you! It’s in those moments I’ve experienced that I say I’m His favorite! We shouldn’t boast about ourselves but I can boast of Him! He makes me feel like His favorite! Throughout the Bible we can see that He did have favorites..Abraham, Moses, David, etc. and Carla and now, I guess, Kevin. Love you, brother!

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