To Vote or Not to Vote

For the first time in my adult life I am seriously considering not voting in this year’s presidential election. Go ahead, criticize me and throw stones, but I can’t find anywhere in Scripture where I am commanded to vote. In fact, quite the opposite would be true because there was no democracy in either the Old or New Testament. I am not saying I am not going to vote, I am just saying I am seriously considering not voting. Let me tell you why.

1. I cannot in good conscience vote for Pres. Obama. While I respect him and the office he holds, I just don’t see how he has done anything over the last 3 years to deserve another term. Yes, he did inherit a lousy economy thanks to over spending by Pres. Bush. Yes, he did inherit a war. Yes, the Republicans have stood in his way at every turn. But he just has not done anything to prove he can lead. Even when he had the majority, he still did not get anything done. The fact that he has never passed a budget is enough to convince me he cannot lead. 

2. I cannot in good conscience vote for Gov. Romney. I don’t trust him. I don’t think he has been honest with us about his religion, and what he really believes. When your own handlers refer to you as an “etch-a-sketch” that is enough for me. By making Romney the nominee, the Republican establishment has proven they are out of touch with me and my concerns and values. And, to be honest, I just can’t get over the fact he is a Mormon, and a committed practicing one at that! I know we are not electing a “pastor in chief,” but based on what I know about Mormonism, I just cannot give him my vote.

3. In this election, there is no “lesser of two evils.” We simply have no good choice and so I just don’t think I can waste my vote for either of them.

4. Our whole governmental system is broken. Something radical needs to happen to shake things up. I wish everyone would just vote a third party and put someone else (anyone else) in office, but I know that will not happen.

5. I am extremely tired and disappointed in how I have seen other believers act toward Pres. Obama. One of the few things the Bible tells us to do involving politics is to pray for our leaders. And that was written to people who were being persecuted by their leaders and who were subjects more than citizens in an incredibly corrupt governmental system. Still, God said to pray for your leaders, not spew hatred toward them and slander them. If anyone who is not a Christian is reading this, please accept my apologies. Not all believers are has hateful as some of things you have read.

6. I am becoming more and more convinced that my citizenship in heaven, negates my need to vote and get stressed out about our political system. I was having lunch today with a good friend who said he was wondering if we as Christians should even be allowed to vote because we are not citizens of the United States. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God, and that is a theocracy! Yes, that is a little radical, but I do think it is something we need to consider.

Now I know some people reading this will say if I do not vote I am part of the problem, not the solution. Please, show me from Scripture where that is the case. I am not saying we shouldn’t be involved in politics, because we should; and I am thrilled there are Christians who do run for office. I pray for them, and I pray for our country. But for me, personally, I’m just not sure it is worth it anymore.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “To Vote or Not to Vote

  1. I am feeling the same. I am also feeling such an urgency to bring others into the Kingdom. It feels like time is short and the burden on my heart is so heavy. I want to pray “Come quickly, Lord Jesus” but I know if I do, there will be so many lost. Mark and I prayed over our area of 60,000 and cried because there are only about 300 evangelical believers. I wish American Christian’s hearts would be broken for the lost. Will anything change until that happens?

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