I Need Your Help

Ok everyone, I need you help.

Over the last couple of election cycles I have protested my disdain for both political parties by voting for third party candidates. I think both the republicans and democrats are corrupt, neither have the moral high ground, and both sides are only in it for themselves and for power. I don’t think we are a representative democracy anymore.

So far, nothing has happened to change my mind.

On the one hand we have Pres. Obama. Unlike many of my friends, I think Obama is good guy, and a great family man. I even take him at his word that he is a Christian and not a muslim. My problem with Pres. Obama has to do with his policies, especially his foreign policies. So, I can’t vote for him.

On the other hand we have Gov. Mitt Romney. I don’t think Gov. Romney has been honest with us about how he really feels about things. He seems to change his mind based on polls and doesn’t seem to have very many core convictions. Furthermore, I really don’t think there is a lot of difference between Romney and Obama. Plus, Romney is a practicing Mormon, while that may not be a deal breaker, it does give me pause. His faith doesn’t align with mine at all.

Added to the equation is my pessimism that it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House, nothing will get done because the “other party” will not let anything get done. I thought Pres. Bush was treated unfairly, but how he was treated pales in comparison to how Pres. Obama has been treated. On several occasions I have been ashamed of what I hear my fellow Christians say about Pres. Obama. Some of the caricatures and cartoons and sayings I have seen on facebook are nothing short of racist.

So, here is my problem, I would rather not cast a protest vote this year, but I really don’t see how I have much of a choice. I would like to vote for something instead of against something, but I just don’t see how I can.

Can you help me?

What do you think?

Convince me as to why I should vote for either Obama or Romney.

Or, should I stick to my convictions and cast another protest vote?


23 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Bro Kevin, I too am in the same dilema I really dont like either . But I do have a sortof better feeling for Obama and I am not a democrat but didnt have much of a choice for republicans so I am considering voting for Obama but Rominey just cheats all the time although I do love Romineys wife bc she has MS like me too But we are in the same boat though. Angela Bishop

  2. Look into Gary Johnson and the national Libertarian party. They are struggling to become a viable third party rather than a simple protest vote.

  3. Hi Rev Kev,

    I find myself in a similar state of mind. For myself, the focus of the election is to rid the House and Senate of the old school who appear to me to be the root issue. Blah, Blah, panderering, and where is my paycheck for messing everything up in this country. It has to end. It will take a lot to break the cycle but the time is coming.

  4. I don’t know what to do either. I believe one of the Biblical requirements/expectations of political leaders is to protect life. Because of that, I will not vote for a pro-abortion candidate. That removes the President. The Bible is also pretty clear in its stance on those that deny the true doctrine of Jesus Christ. Mormons don’t worship the God of the Bible. For me, that removes Romney from the equation. So I will say it again…..I don’t know what to do.

    • Hey Len,

      It amazes me how Christians try and make a big deal about Obama being a Muslim, even though he professes to be a Christian, and yet, those same Christians turn a blind eye to Romney’s Mormonism, and if you bring it to their attention they say, “We are electing a commander in chief, not pastor in chief.” Do they not see their hypocrisy?

  5. The problem with the third party is they are just not going to win. While I agree there is no difference between Mormons and Muslims, both being cults, at lease Romney holds to the right to life and one man/one woman marriage. I feel as though I have to just vote as much as possible my values.

  6. Kevin, I am very surprised at those who have said basically what you quoted about Romney. I was really shocked that Romney was allowed to give the commencement address at Liberty. Wonder how all those missions and pastoral graduates felt having a Mormon speaking to them?!

    To me the danger of politics for the Christian is that the church seems to be willing jettison so much in order to have political power. And that is against the Kingdom.

  7. There is a Libertarian on the ballot – Johnson from New Mexico. Heard him today. Don’t know much about him but heard enough that I’m intrigued and plan to look up some info.

  8. I share your frustration and your concern. I am going to vote Socialist this time around because I think that it is time to vote for someone in whom I can believe. Given the ridiculous Electoral College, it is sometimes safe to vote this way. (I live in Mass) But even if it weren’t “safe”, I think that it is time to send a message to the two big parties. Time to tell them that we are sick of the whole corrupt pile of bullshit. Time to tell them that there WILL be a revolution, either in the voting booth or in the streets.

  9. Basically felt like the election was over once it became clear Romney was the Republican nominee. Could never vote for the Libertarians due to 1) their support of the legalization of marijuana, 2) their isolationist foreign policy, and 3) their laissez-faire attitude to business and economics. At this point, I will probably not vote for the Presidency but will vote for the state and other national races. Personally think Romney and Obama are both big government socialists – the only difference being the degree and speed with which they would push forth their agendas…. but I might be persuaded to vote for Romney as the lesser of two evils if he manages to pick a really superior running mate but that’s a BIG “IF”!

  10. To learn more about what President Obama is really about and what the media feels it needs to hide, Michael Savage’s book Trickle down tyranny is thorough documentation…he is far more radical than he appears…personally, I would vote for a sock puppet over him….

  11. Kevin, I watch what Obama has done with health care, abortions homosexual, budget, marriage issues and such; I do not find one policy with which I think he has advanced the cause. Every budget he has proposed has been rejected by congress even when the Democrats could have passed them. He is an out of control socialist big spender and will run the economy even further into the gutter in another 4 years. I was very upset with Bush too for the wreckless spending during his administration. I do think Romney will give us a more moderate budget and social policies, both more in the direction I think we need to head. He will definitely get my vote. What a person actualy does is that by which he should be judged. Obama has been lead and aided by Nancy Pelosi who has been the economic and social spoiler from California for years. The far left liberal progressive agenda will be the ruin of our nation if not turned away by the people. Finding constutional moderates with real values is very hard these days. Romeny is far from my ideal pick but I find Obama and Pelosi policies completely unacceptable. Fortunately I will get to votre against each of them again this upcoming election. My vote will be a more against than if favor off vote.

    • John, I don’t disagree with you. I just don’t think, right now, we even have a “lesser of two evils” candidate. You said to judge them by what they have done. Well, what has Romney done? He has outsourced many jobs to other countries, he has flip-flopped on my crucial, moral issues, and Obama’s healthcare was based on what he did as governor of Mass. So, there is no guarantee that Romney will not be as big a spender as Obama, he will just call it something else. There is no good decision this time.

  12. You really believe Obama is a Christian? He’s the most biblically hostile president in history, pro- choice, and pro gay marriage. Where is the fruit?

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