A Beautiful Wedding

I went to church today and a wedding broke out.

Today, right after church, I had the privilege of uniting Jeffrey and Gwendolyn Braden in marriage. I have performed a lot of marriages in my day, but this one was special.

The first time I met Jeffrey was on a Wednesday night. He and Gwen, showed up to our bible study unannounced. Jeffrey had just been released from prison, and the prison chaplain told him the first thing he needed to do was find a church. He found us. He had been in prison for 18 years. Jeffrey is 38 years old. You do the math.

Over the last several months I have built a relationship with Jeffrey and our church has embraced he and Gwen. I have watched Jeffrey grow in his faith. God recently gave Jeffrey a job. (This is a miracle because the unemployment rate for convicted felons is 70%!) His life has been totally transformed. The only thing missing was marrying his girlfriend.

So last week, he and Gwen finally saved up enough money to get their marriage license, and with just 3 days notice, our church gave them the wedding of their dreams. Nothing fancy. Just cake and punch and church family extending our worship to include an outdoor wedding.

It was beautiful.

God honoring.


I had a hard time performing the ceremony because of tears of joy.

If you think God no longer performs miracles, I would love for you to meet Jeffrey and listen to his testimony.

Enjoy the pictures.


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