A Plea for Unity

A Plea for Unity.


One thought on “A Plea for Unity

  1. great post.

    I don’t know about you…. but even though I am adopted, I am glad to be part of the family.
    I have brothers that forget they are adopted and think they are the first born.

    Let us not forget that we are forgiven as we forgive.

    We need to grow up
    Paul chides the Corinthians as being spiritually immature- exemplified in their divisiveness.
    Paul had to remind them that it is God who gives the increase.

    There are many things in the Christian life that are negotiable.
    Unity is NOT one of them.

    It all starts in our hearts.
    God is in the business of bringing order to chaos,,, one individual at a time.
    Unity is a God thing and is the mark of Christ’s indwelling.
    Disunity is the result of immaturity and pride
    Admonitions such as the one found in Ephesians 4
    “make every effort to yourselves united in the Spirit” are there because God knew this would be an area in which the flesh would rear its ugly head.

    We need each other. Without each other how can we exemplify to the world that
    where the spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom. Freedom to be one ( united) in Christ.

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