A Quote to Consider

Last night I started reading a book called, Barefoot Church by Brandon Hatmaker. I only read the introduction and first chapter. There were two quotes in chapter 1 that I liked and that I thought about last night and again this morning. That quote is below. Let me know what you think:


“While we’ve been charged to ‘equip the saints’ for works of service, the brutal truth is most of us have reduced our expectations of ‘serving’ to a once-a-month tour of duty as an usher or greeter. We’ve settled for serving ourselves and serving as an event rather than serving those in need and living a new way o life that Jesus has called us to…Here’s something to consider: we may say we’re a church on mission, yet we have so many on-campus programs that our people never have time to live on mission in their neighborhoods. We may say we’re more than just a Sunday service, but 90 percent of our resources and efforts are either committed to the Sunday morning experience or events designed to draw people to our building. We may think we serve, but if we took an honest look, we’d find only a small percentage of our people actually serving outside the church.”


I would love to hear your thoughts.

(Endnote: I am reading the book on my android tablet and so I am not exactly sure how to footnote the quote. I can tell you that it comes from chapter 1 and is at location 88 and 230.

2 thoughts on “A Quote to Consider

  1. I so agree with that quote, understanding that there are exceptions to it. I am motivated by charges against the church to help influence change for the better. I hope the book offers suggested solutions too.

  2. The corporate gathering of the local church is the workshop where skills, gifts and talents are discovered and fined tuned to impact the world. Unforetunately, this quote is accurate. We have fostered the mindset that everything has to be organized through the church. If a person is suffering and needs help with fixing meals for their family, you don’t need to wait for the pastor to announce that a food ministry has been organized to help that family. You need to pick up the phone and ask the family what day would be best for you to bring over a meal.

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