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I would love to hear from you about my blog. Participate in the pole, and make a comment. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “Your Opinion

  1. I would like you to write on that a true sign of an authentic Christ follower would be one has a is one who would use a John 3:16 Iphone cover.

  2. Kevin, I appreciate your writings. Truthfully, I hope you will continue to write on that which I selected and many other topics as well. God has/is using you for the Kingdom!

  3. I’d like to read your thoughts on homosexuality and others sins that are becoming more accepted in today’s society. How are we to respond or not respond.

    • Hey Jackie,
      Back last March, I wrote three consecutive blogs about homosexuality, the last one (part 3), lays out my view. Go to archives and click “culture” and then scroll down and eventually you will find it.

      Thanks for your input.

  4. Kevin — there’s not an “All of the Above” button on your survey. If there were, I’d hit that one. I think it’s important that Minister’s of the Gospel speak to ALL of these issues. Of course, I know as individuals we are more passionate about some than others, but the insights and guidance on all these issues are important and necessary. I have come to your blog on a number of occasions when there were issues of particular interest I knew you’d commented on, or events that you would give your insights into. I appreciate them — and encourage you to keep writing. We need voices like yours.

    J. Dale Weaver, M. Div.

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