Yesterday was another great day at FCC! My prayer, early in the morning, was for the Spirit of God to manifest Himself in a powerful way; and He did. Our worship team did an incredible job. During the service, a young single-mom with MS, testified to how God had used our church to meet her physical needs. She said, and I quote, that our church starting loving her and her kids, “before they ever even came to church.” She then added, “That just doesn’t happen in Franklin.” She then testified how God had healed her paralyzed hand.

Our church made history yesterday as well. For the first time in our existence there were more African-Americans in worship than White-Americans. We believe God has called us (a white church) to minister in a predominately black part of our town, and so this was a huge step for us. Here is a link to a newpaper article about the Hard Bargain neighborhood where our church is located. Another community we have recently moved into is th Natchez Community.

Early in the week, as I was preparing my sermon, I felt the Holy Spirit impress me to scrap what I thought I was going to say, and replace it with a very simple gospel message, and so that is what I did. You can listen to that sermon here. Several people responded by praying the “sinners prayer” with me.

The day ended with a wonderful fellowship meal.


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