What do you see?

One year from now a new president will be innagurated. The way things stand today that person will be either:

President Barack Obama,

Mitt Romney, or

Newt Gingrich.

Do either of those names inspire hope and confidence? 

I don’t think so! What I see is 4 more years of the same old same old.

What do you see? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. Kevin,
    I see a great opportunity to be the church. I read an idea sparking article a few days ago titled: “After 2008’s Hope and Change, It’s Sober and Sane for 2012, we’re picking a constitutional officer here, not anointing a prophet”. (Greg Healy – Reason.com). Boy, do I agree with that… all three of the GOP’ers are fine with me they will be a good constitutional officer. I don’t need to be inspired by them; they need to do what the constitution says for them to do.
    WE need to bring the inspiration to our culture as the church of Jesus Christ. “Me thinks” there is a shortage thinking Christians, because the pulpits have replaced Jesus with a celebrity, pundits, cheap grace, music without the divine and fearful men and women as the church. If the church isn’t supposed to be a gathered people who serve others, give that cup of cold water in Jesus’ name, speak the truth in love, give hope to the hopeless widow and orphan, then what is it?
    There are those who only give voice to it but really prohibit that kind of activity or at best say, “let a ministry or para-church, or the mega so in so” do those things, we will give money…when we have it to give. But we will keep the lights on, take that offering in Jesus’ name, preach 50 minutes of mostly random ideas instead of ONE big idea and in celebrating Christ of course we need announcements about where to go and “do” a bible study (some are even good things).
    I am not a dissatisfied person in Jesus at all, Jesus has delivered beyond what I thought possible in my life and Father loves me and is gracious and plentiful with His Spirit. My concern is how we are living in a time when the depth and breathe of local churches are one-inch deep and mile wide and evil is in our back yard, our neighbors and knocking at our door! At all levels we should be challenged spiritually and intellectually on how we live in Father’s reality. Now how we communicate as the church is just as important as the “location, location, location” mantra of where to place a business/church building (if you need one).
    This short quote from a confirmation service, spoken by Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks loudly today as it did to those that heard it: “Confirmands today are like young soldiers march to war, the war of Jesus Christ against the gods of this world. It is a war that demands the commitment of one’s whole life. Is not God, our Lord, worthy of this struggle? Idolatry and cowardice confront us on all side, but the direst foe does not confront us, he is within us. ‘Lord, I believe, help though mine unbelief.’”
    The Triune God in Jesus was a “man for others,” He was selfless, incarnate, loving and one who served and still serves to the absolute exclusion of his needs and what seemed to be natural desires He had while on earth. The Church then of Jesus Christ exists for “others” and beyond that since the Kingdom of God is throughout the World the Kingdom…the Church exists to reach out beyond its self, to speak out for the least, the lost and the left-behind. Those that have no voice we need to speak out, we need to defend the weak and those without the protection of a father. If we are more concerned about our buildings, budgets, softer messages, smoke and lighting with our singing…form over substance (note the second half of the word – stance), we are a doomed people to repeat the silence of eighty years ago.
    God is bigger than everyone imagines, the standard issuing of religion even that of religious Christianity that keeps Christ holy on Sunday only will not cut it anymore – it NEVER DID! It is not in weakness that Jesus came and ascended to the right hand of Father, but in strength, victory, power, authority so that guilt, fruitless living, existing only for self, hate and evil be replaced by goodness, life, hope, joy, peace in the midst of evil speaking truth clearly and celebrating life as reality. Unless we live it…occupy life with His life in us we as the church today will be religionless like the rest of the religions of our day…lifeless and dead compared to a life giving relationship Father seeks to be and give to us.
    “Our eyes are on you, oh Lord God of the universe, we may not know what to do right this moment, but as we surrender to you and not to the times we live in…we will know. Give us the wisdom to live… to speak, to renew the hope for Father your hope will not disappoint us. So, Holy Spirit keep us engaged in reality because Father you are reality – apart from you there isn’t reality only deceit, betrayal, lifelessness and death. Father we choose reality Jesus our life of hope, people over things, strength to speak, give the cup to others, mercy mixed with truth and until we see you face to face we will never turn away from you! Amen and Amen!”

    Well… that’s what I am thinking… Peace my friend… Hope always for Hope His hope will never disappoint! Stephen

  2. Kevin we must choose from among the choices we have? May God give us wisdom in doing so? I believe we should stand for constitutional law being upheld instead of allowing it to be dodged and perverted. But more than that the Church and Christians must speak loud and clear that Government and those who exercise it are not above God’s law. God is watching what they do and knows why they do it. He judges both the actions and motives of every person who serves in any governing capacity. He instituted human government and all its power is derived from him. Those who abuse God’s power will answer to him.

  3. An article I wrote on the subject:
    America’s Greatest Resource and Greatest Need!
    America is in a mess. It is not the first time. There have been Civil Wars, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and many other challenges in the history of our great country. Despite all the hand-wringing currently over budget deficits, unemployment, the national debt, fuel dependency, illegal immigration, terrorist threats, troops fighting in unpopular campaigns, etc., we have the resource we need to recover. America became great and can become great again and meet all of these challenges because of America’s Greatest Resource – Americans.

    Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? Well, it is simplistic, but it is not simple. There is an ingredient that must be present to make this greatest resource effective in restoring America. That is America’s Greatest Need – Leadership.

    Americans are, as a whole, an innovative, industrious, patriotic, tolerant, and caring people. They have proven themselves to be achievers, overcomers, fighters and winners time and time again, but they need leadership because their strength is in unity. Leadership is critical to maximize resources and pull capable people together to get tasks completed and problems solved. Leaders must unite people towards common goals, and not allow them, or encourage them, to be divided. America still has its greatest resource – its people – but it does not have its greatest need met – a leader.

    This next presidential election is critical for America to elect a leader. Our president doesn’t have to be the smartest, most experienced, or most eloquent person in the country. A good leader knows how to recognize their weaknesses and surround themselves with those who are smarter, more experienced, and more eloquent. America needs a president who unites, not divides, Americans, regardless of race, creed, social standing, or wealth. We need a leader who humbly accepts the fact that what is right for America is open to many interpretations, some they may not agree with, but can still pull people together with different viewpoints to work toward restoring our country. We need a leader who is proud of America and makes no apologies to the world for our heritage of being a shining light of liberty in the world. We need a leader who truly believes that every American is important, and their views have value, not one who points the finger of blame at those who disagree with him/her. We need a leader that leads both political parties to common ground for real solutions to our problems, not one that blames the other party for all the problems.
    America needs a president who is a servant, not a monarch. One who, despite their position, acts like the common man, and can relate and communicate with the common man. And that goes for his family in the White House as well. We need a president who is committed to working tirelessly for four years to lead people to restoring America, not one who spends half of their time campaigning for future elections. A true leader inspires, encourages, builds up, instills confidence, and understands that a team of dedicated, positive people working toward a common goal gets results. A true leader is easy to follow.

    As we watch the primary and general election campaigns unfold and we hear the candidates speak and debate, they will all try to convince us that their policies will solve America’s problems. Listen to their ideas, but as they speak, ask yourself this question: “Is this person someone that Americans, including me, would follow? Is this person a leader?” You are America’s greatest resource, and its greatest need being met will be determined at the ballot box.

  4. hi, i was wondering y u didn’t put Ron paul or rick santorum on ur list of candidates still left in the running for president. I really disagree with ur list of candidates. Please change the list please.

    • Hey Spencer,
      I meant no disrespect to anyone. I believe the Republican nomination will go to either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. Unfortunately, I don’t see a scenario where either Ron Paul or Rick Santorum get the nomination.

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