How Involved Should We Be?

My last post got me thinking about something else that I would really like everyone’s input on. I think we can learn from each other; and please understand, I have no other agenda except to learn and discuss.

Here is the question(s): How involved should a Christian be in the political process? What scriptures do you base your answer on?

Here is why I am asking: I hear alot about how Christians should and should not vote. To a certain degree, politics has divided the body of Christ. Yet the Bible doesn’t really say anything specifically about voting and being involved in the system . After all, the Bible was written in a time of kings and emperors. In ancient times, there was no democracy like we have today. So, what are the principles that should guide our involvement (or lack of involvement) in politics?


7 thoughts on “How Involved Should We Be?

  1. When you consider that the “good” Kings of Israel were the ones that were Godly, and that the King David was a man after God’s own heart, I believe that Christians should be involved in politics. From your last post to now this one makes me wonder if you have stopped looking at the world’s situation from a spiritual one. Do you not see fulfillment in prophecy in the world around us? Do you not anticipate the coming of the Lord every moment? When I hear a pastor so discouraged as you sound about politics and world situations, this is what I wonder. When was your last in depth study on this subject? All around us fulfillment of prophecies are occurring. If you only look at these things with natural eyes, yes, it will cause you to want to hide away and never get involved. But if you look at these things from a spiritual aspect you find joy in knowing that the Lord is closer to coming home than we could ever imagine. Get involved in studying this subject and find peace in your turmoil.

  2. Sharon,

    I am not sure if I am following you. I see prophetic signs all around me. I long and look for Jesus’ return daily. The sooner He returns, the sooner we will be out of this mess. If I am following you correctly, then I should vote so as to asure Armageddon, not prevent it (as if I could). Thus, I should be happy that the present administration seems to be anti-Israel because that will bring the end quicker. The moral decline in our country should make me glad because that means the end is near. In this scenario, the last thing I should do is stop the direction things seem to be going.

    If you think about it, because I believe Jesus could return at any moment, I should stop all involvement with politics and spend all my time and resources reaching as many people as I possibly can for Christ. (Which is what I should be doing anyway.) I am not discouraged about politics (in general) or the world’s situation (in general), I am simply fed up with our present political system where it seems remaining in power is more important than doing what is right for the people.

    I asure you, my “discouragement” with Washington, in no way affects my view of eschatology, or the peace I have about the future. If any thing, it motivates me more to advance God’s Kingdom and to pray, “even so, come quickly, Lord.” I iam extremely thankful, and joyful, that this world is not my home.

    On another note: How are things up north in Alaska? That’s one of the places I hope to visit one day.

  3. Kevin,
    Just a thought…if politics is of no consequence, why continue to write about it? My guess is that you really do care who is elected, and I think you are right to care. I care because I want to keep America strong and free as long as possible.

    I have attended several Tea Party rallies and have seen people who sincerely love and care about America, not the type of people portrayed by the national media as hatemongers, racists, and bigots. The people I’ve seen there want desperately to leave our children and grandchildren a country in which they are still free to worship God, and they are willing to take a stand for freedom. I am involved in the political process, but that doesn’t mean that I owe allegiance to any person or any party.

    I am also thankful that I can still express my wishes by voting for the person I believe is the best candidate. Will he/she be perfectly aligned with my position and keep every campaign promise? Probably not, but I still prefer one candidate over another. I vote according to their voting record for or against issues of personal liberty, their stand on moral issues, and their position concerning Israel, and their adherence to the Constitution.

    If it didn’t matter what our leaders did or didn’t do, why did our forefathers risk life and limb to set up a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”? If the wishes of people don’t matter, why not go back to a monarchy?

    I usually don’t agree with any candidate 100%, but I still feel it’s my duty to vote for the person who best typifies what I think a leader should be. Some of them make it very easy to discern because they clearly stand for things like abortion. Some may say they are pro-life and then once in office, they may not vote that way. But that is their responsibility, not mine. My responsiblity (and I do think it is a responsibility) is to vote based on what I can discern. Theirs is to live up to their word. If they don’t do so, I am not responsible for that failure.

    I choose to be involved and speak up on issues that I feel are important, especially those with moral ramifications. I don’t criticize or try to intimidate anyone to vote as I do, but I don’t want to become cynical enough to think that Christian voters cannot make a difference. I believe this is a part of our being salt and light in our world – to try and preserve freedom and morality in a fallen world.

  4. Kevin,
    Glad to hear that you are looking forward to the return Jesus. I too am tired of the present administration. They care more about power than our future and interest, you are correct. The moral decay is a sign of the end times. Yes, it is upsetting, but it is going to happen. Your actions, or anyones will not hasten or slow down the return of Jesus, but it doesn’t mean we just give up. We fight the good fight until we go home to heaven. It doesn’t please me at all that the present administration is anti-Israel. As a matter of fact I think I have signed every petition stating that fact to the president that I can find. However, it doesnt’ surprise me. It only confirms what I believe. It sadens me to see how things are going with people all around. My heart breaks for the youth of today and all the temptations they face. None of it surprises me though. Our actions will not hasten the return but our actions will affect who goes with us in the end. Question…if we don’t get involved in politics who will? You can bet the enemy will. Of course politics divides Christians. They are human. The color of the hymnals divide Christians. That doesn’t mean you give up. You sound like you are giving up. That concerns me.

    Tim and I too have attended Tea Party Ralleys and were at Glenn Becks “Restore America Ralley” in Washington last summer. What a beautiful event that was. There is good still out there, Kevin, it is just harder to find. Have you ever watched Glenn BecK? GBTV?

    On the other hand, Alaska is beautiful, we love it here. You should defently come up.

  5. Hi Kevin,

    Pardon me for jumping in here. Godly people MUST be involved in politics, or it becomes owned by the ungodly. Religious leaders have been at the heart of politics since at least Joseph. Look at the actions of Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, Jeremiah, they are just a small representation of those who spoke God’s word to the throne.

    In that light, we must also consider Billy Graham, who has fiercely remained a political. He does so because the Holy Spirit led him in a different way. He has not criticized other clergy who have been politically active. Ultimately one must be as politically active as the Spirit of God leads.

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