Sacred Boredom

I don’t know why, but for several months now, maybe even a year or so, I have been thinking and reflecting on the phrase, “Be still and know that I am God,” from Psalm 46:10. I have come up with what I think is a unique title for an article or sermon, “Sacred Boredom.”

Maybe it’s because I am getting old, but I am convinced most of us have crowded so much clutter and noise into our lives that we no longer hear God when He speaks. We are so afraid of being bored, of missing out on something, of not being entertained, of not being included, that we cram as much as possible into a 24-hour day. We fear being alone, left out, and bored.

I think it is time we embrace boredom. I think it is time we return to the spiritual discipline of contemplation.

One day a reporter asked Mother Teresa what she said to God when she prayed. She replied, “Mostly I just listen.” The reporter then asked what God said to her. Mother Teresa said, “Mostly He just listens.”

The more intimate you know someone, the fewer the words you need to communicate.

Getting quiet before God, being still, is the most intimate way you can communicate with God and He with you.

Being still before God involves…









What word(s) would you add to the list?

When was the last time you got quiet?

Did you find this blog boring?

I hope so.

“Silence is the language of God, and the only language deep enough to absorb all the contradictions and failures that we are holding against ourselves. God loves us silently because God has no case to make against us. The silent communion absorbs our self-hatred, as every lover knows” (Richard Rohr).

  • The story about Mother Teresa and the quote from Richard Rohr came from chapter 26 of Brian McLaren’s book, Naked Spirituality.

2 thoughts on “Sacred Boredom

  1. Sorry didn’t get bored – Being still and knowing that God is God but yet longing to be rid of the boredom is a way of life for me – ahh the seasons of life! Sometimes God is my only companion – the only one I KNOW wants to be with me! It’s taken 10 years to appreciate the fact that for now life is basically boring and that is OK

  2. Not boring at all. I find that I crave isolation more and more. I don’t mind being alone, being at home, and being quiet…all the things that I disliked when I was young.

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