Johnny Cash Sings Lady Gaga Songs

Did that title get your attention? This is one of my favorite stories recently. A parrot, named Johnny Cash, flew out an open door of his owner’s home, and was gone for about a week. Cash’s owner thought she would never see the exotic bird again. But then the phone rang and someone told her “that a green bird was at the Franklin Rec Center’s pool talking to people.” Relieved, the owner drove the six miles to the pool and reunited with Johnny Cash.

Speculating what an animal is thinking is futile, but when asked why she thought the bird ended up at a public swimming pool, the owner said, “I’m sure he saw a large body of water and people around and thought, ‘They can help me.’ He’s super smart.”

After reading that article, I had the following thought: That is exactly the perception I want people to have of my church.

People all around us are flying aimlessly, lost, with little or no direction. They are tired and hungry. My prayer is that when they see, or hear, about my church, they will see people gathered around the Water of Life and say to themselves, “Those people will help me.”

(On another note: Read this article about a lady who is part of our church.)


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