TRUMP for President!!

(NOTE: I was going to post this yesterday, but decided to wait until today in honor of our service men who achieved a great victory over the weekend. )

It has been interesting watching people’s reactions to the possibility of Donald Trump running for president. A few weeks back I heard him on a news show and said to my wife, “You know, I might just vote for him.” Nothing has happened to change my mind. So, let me tell you why I just might vote for TRUMP for president:

T – Toupe

Over the years, comedians have had a field day cracking jokes about that thing on top of Donald’s head. But I think that thing on his head is the number one reason why he may get my vote. Our greatest problem today is the economy and our government’s out of control spending. Well, Trump is one of the richest men in the world. He could buy the most expensive and best toupe around, but he doesn’t. It is obvious he is frugal and will not spend money wastefully. We need someone like that in the White House!

R – Real

Politicians are notorious for running for office saying one thing and then doing another thing once elected. I get the feeling with Donald that what you see is what you get. You may not like him, but at least with him you know what you are getting.

U – Unhindge & Unsettle

Donald Trump is outside the system and the possibility of him running for office has unhinged the media and unsettled the establishment. I like that! If Trump were president the media would not know how to act, Washington would not know what to do, and the rest of the world would not know what to think. President Trump would throw everyone off their game, and I think that is a good idea.

M – Material / Materialism

If Trump became president, there would be enough comedic material for thousands of new comedians. That fact alone would lower unemployment! Also, our country is extremely materialistic, and if the president of the United States is suppossed to represent the people, what better person to represent our materialism than a billionaire.

P – Protest

During the last presidential campaign I decided, out of protest, that I would become a one issue voter. My issue is this: If you are a Republican or Democrat, you will not get my vote. That’s my issue, and it applies to all elections, local or federal. The only exception to my rule would be Donald Trump. Regardless of what banner he runs under, he is the perfect protest candidate.  I am a fed up and tired voter. I think our government is highly dysfunctional and beyond repair.  We don’t need a change, we need a complete overhaul.  Electing Trump as president would be the best way to tell the other politicians what we think of them.

Will you join my protest?

TRUMP for president!!

Sometimes you have to swallow really bad medicine to cure the disease.


2 thoughts on “TRUMP for President!!

  1. I think you are “right on” Kevin……I would vote for him too because we certainly need help with the economy and our spending and I think he would help.

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