Sexual Orientation (Part 1)

Those of you who know me know that I don’t mind discussing controversial issues. In fact, I enjoy doing so. For me, it is a way to think out loud, and hopefully think outside the box. Recently, in my sociology classes, we have been discussing sexuality and society, and part of that discussion is on sexual orientation. Since my students know I am a minister, they eventually ask me what I think about sexual orientation and were people get their orientation, you know, the whole, “they are born that way” and / or, “it’s learned behavior” debate.


What I would like to do is to write out loud some of my thoughts. I believe that as Christians, we have got to learn to discuss some issues in a way that is informative and educational, and not judgmental; and by informative and educational I mean we need to be informed and educated as well as the ones doing the informing and educating. I believe in the principle, seek first to understand before being understood. I like to learn from people I disagree with before I give my response. I think it is healthy, and I think I become a better person by doing so. And so, before I give my thoughts, I would like to hear some of yours. Do you think a person is born with a sexual orientation, or do you think it is something that is learned later in life?


Before you answer, here is a short definition of the four main sexual orientations:


· Heterosexuality: Sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

· Homosexuality: Sexual attraction to the same sex.

· Bisexuality: Sexual attraction to both sexes.

· Asexuality: Very little to no sexual attraction to either sex.


What say you?

5 thoughts on “Sexual Orientation (Part 1)

  1. When we talk about the term homosexuality its easy to say that it is sin, the Bible tells us that, and that we should as Christians despise it. We also need to realize that it is the sin we need to despise ( as any sin) and not the person who is struggling with it. It is not controversial in Gods eyes it is just sin. The Bible tells us we are born in sin and that we all will struggle with resisting it until we go to live with our Father in heaven. When we resist, we win the fight. Sin is a struggle we humans all deal with through our lives. Some of us just give up to the struggle because we don’t want to resist the temptation ( for the christian) or because we don’t want to know or believe in the Redeemer of all sin, Jesus.
    I know and care about many friends and love ones who are struggling with this particular sin. Some are not believers, but a some are. Yes even some that have been to Bible College or Seminary and some whom have worked for a Church. Why should we look at this sin any differently then any other sin we encounter. We as the Church need to love them, pray for them and reassure them that they have a loving Saviour who cares for them and that we also be by their side. Pray that the Holy Spirit ( you know we are not the Holy Spirit) will convict their hearts. If Jesus was walking among us on the earth he would be talking and walking and loving all those who are struggling with this sin, or the temptation of it. We as Christians like to put certain sins like homosexuality on a pedestal, but instead we need to put it in the same category as lying and coveting, SIN. Love the person not the sin(any sin).

    • I replied on FB but probably should have here.
      I agree with the post above very much.
      I remember telling my loved one, you can learn to love God more than homosexuality and He can deliver you from this and although I believe this, I was suddenly overcome with God speaking to my heart about my own sin saying “Really Rhonda, So you love me enough to stop your own addictions and sinning”? I had to come face to face with my own SIN and although it’s not the sin of homosexuality or even a sexual sin, it is a sin of flesh as most are and very difficult to overcome. It becomes bondage and destructive.
      Wow, I could say so much about this, I have papers filled with my own thoughts and questions and scriptures.
      Mark is right, if we treated this as any other sin or maybe I should say if we treated all Sin as this one and we strived for holiness in every part of our lives, we would all be seeing great change because its all a slow fade and if Im correct, one of the first sins of soddom was gluttney, Eat, drink and be merry and then they gave into every other sin, so with that I too am guilty.
      I guess this still doesnt answer the question, Are they born that way but Are we born gluttons, gamblers, spenders, idoloters, adulterers, liars, gossipers, drug addicts, haters, alcoholics, etc…?
      I know we are born into sin and we all battle and even more we all have played a part in this slow fade.

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