Blessings in a Dangerous World

My heart is heavy this morning and I am torn between how blessed I am and how others around the world are not as fortunate. One thought has been crossing my mind recently: The world is a dangerous place.

This morning, all over the world, violence and chaos seems to be the norm. Iraq and Afghanistan are still in shambles. Egypt is on the verge of civil war. Parts of Australia have been hit by a powerful cyclone. Haiti still hasn’t recovered from the earthquake. Tunisia is in turmoil. And Sudan is still, well, Sudan.

Meanwhile, I woke up in a warm bed this morning in a warm house, with all of my family safe and sound. I then met a good friend for breakfast and hot coffee. Next, I drove my nice truck into Nashville to begin my day that will not end until 10:30 this evening. My biggest concerns were the traffic, who will win Super Bowl XLV, and if I will ever make it to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., to see the swimsuit Farrah Fawcett wore in the poster that hung over my bed when I was in Junior High School.

I don’t know why I was born where I was born and why God has blessed me like He has. I know I have done nothing to deserve it. I thank God for my blessings, while I pray for the rest of the world who live in dangerous, uncertain, chaotic times.

What about you? How do you reconcile your good life with the not so good life of the rest of the world?


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