Is this a form of evanglism?

I assume most people know that in addition to pastoring a church, I teach Sociology at a community college in Nashville. The school where I teach has a large number of international students, many of which are from the Middle East. Most of them are Muslim. Each semester I have several of this students in my classes. Before the start of each semester, my prayer is that I will make a positive impact on my students, showing them what a follower of Jesus, who claims to be a minister, should act. I don’t preach, and I don’t proselatyze. I simply try to live out my faith. I do, however, on the very first day, tell my students that I am a minister.

Today, I received an email from a recent student. He is a Muslim from Afghanistan. He wants me to write a letter of recomendation to Vanderbilt University. His goal is to be a medical doctor. It will be an honor to write that letter, but what I want to share with you is what he said at the end of his email.

“Dr. Riggs…I really enjoyed your class. I learned many things that actually changed th way I viewed people and the world. It was the only class that I looked forward to attend even though I was late every day, but still it was my favorite class. You are one of the few teahers that treated me the same no matter where I came from or what religious background I had, and I give you a lot of respect for that…”

So, my question for you is, “Is this a form of evangelism?”


2 thoughts on “Is this a form of evanglism?

  1. My answer to your question, “Yes!” Seed planted, someone will water, God will bring the increase. I tried to do the same when I was teaching at Austin Peay. On the last day of class, I actually shared with the students how much I enjoyed teaching them and getting to know some of them. I told them my ultimate motive for being on campus was to make an impact upon students because I care about them, their futures and the influence they will be able to make on the world. I have continued to carry on a conversation with some of them as a result.

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